We simply adore bracelets! Their attractively large size provides us with enough space to truly express personality or concepts in our designs. Bracelets are appealing and eye-catching and comfortable enough to be worn all day. Due to the fact that bracelets are proportionate to one's wrist, beautifully designed bracelet with pearls or even sizable diamonds does not seem ostentatious, despite its larger size.

We altered numerous watches into bracelets by replacing the conventional band or leather strap and creating a uniquely designed jewellery piece. We are ready to create bracelets from watches for our clients as well. If this is something that you are interested in, please contact us to discuss possibilities or to view items that we have recently created.

Bracelets are especially striking if worn with matching rings. We can advise on choosing rings that match the bracelets' colour or style. We are happy to help with any questions!

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