As designers of high-end jewellery we have the opportunity meet and work with many interesting people. We are very grateful for such collaborations! 


Prince Antal Esterhazy & Princess Svetlana

It is a great honor for us to work with the noble family of Esterhazy House. We were involved in the renovation and refurbishment of several family jewellery sets as well as the design and creation of the collection which would match the existing jewellery collection of the noble family.
We are proud to work for Duke Antal and his charming wife - Duchess Svetlana! Thank you for this opportunity!

Prince and Princess Esterhazy, in one-off bespoke Splendor Jewellery


Melissa McCarthy – Hollywood comedy actress

Melissa McCarthy - Hollywood Comedy Queen, the star of Spy, Heat and Identity Thief movies trusted Orsi and Daniel to design a unique jewellery piece for her.
"It was our pleasure to work with such a bright and charming person as Melissa!"

Melissa McCarthy and our Jewellery Creations


Gorog Zita - Actress & TV presenter

Autumn 2015 was full of media appearances for the Splendor/Brilldor team. Orsi and Daniel were invited to several TV and Radio programmes.
We were glad to welcome Zita Görög, the stunning actress and TV presenter, to our workshop.

Underworld, Zita Gorog


Laszlo Nemes Jeles - Oscar, Golden Globe and British Academy Film Awards trophy winning movie director

"Stunning" and"Profoundly soul-shaking" were the reviews of the Oscar winning film, Son of Saul, directed and created by László Nemes. We are honored that our jewellery had  been chosen by László and his gorgeous partner for their red carpet appearance at BAFTA Movie Award ceremony in London where Laszló received yet another award!  Once again our congratulations and thank you for choosing us! Wishing you many more awards to come!

Laszlo Nemes-Jeles, Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA winner


Korinna Kocsis - Miss Earth Hungary, Model & Fashion designer

Korinna is a stunning beauty and it is no surprise that she became Miss Hungary! We are glad to cooperate with Korinna and look forward to many new projects together.

Korinna Kocsis, Miss Earth Hungary


Horvath Eva - Beauty queen and TV presenter

"Diamonds are the best girls friends" - this saying is absolutely true and we are proud that Hungarian Beauty Queen - Horvath Eva has chosen for our jewellery for her red carpet appearances. Eva has not only worn the earrings, rings and bracelets created in our workshop but has also walked down the red carpet in our  jewellery shoes!

Jewellery shoes belong to a unique and very rare jewellery category. They are created in strict accordance with the wearer’s size and foot proportions. Our bespoke jewellery shoes are handmade, the precious metal is incorporated into the design and body of the shoe rather than being a decorative element added onto ready-made footwear. 

In case if you are interested in owning a Cinderella pair yourself, please contact us and we will find the best solution for you!

Eva Horvath, Beauty Queen and model


Csisztu Zsuzsa - Olympic champion & TV presenter

Being a jeweller is a wonderful job with many perks, including having the unique chance of meet extraordinary people from different spheres of life and different occupations. It was a wonderful moment when the amazing Olympic athlete and TV presenter Zsuzsa Csizstu asked us to create jewellery for her! We are very proud Splendor jewellery was able to create a beloved piece for her, that she has since worn to numerous events.

Zsuzsa Csisztu, olympic champion

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