About us

Welcome to Brilldor on-line boutique ! We, Orsi Ráski-Nagy and Daniel Nagy, are personal jewellery designers and jewellery creators.

Many years ago we have chosen our profession and started to create individual, personalized and customized hand-crafted jewellery.
We took part in numerous International jewellery design competitions and won over 56 awards around the globe with diamond, gemstone, pearl, opal and many more bespoke jewellery pieces.

Custom made and story-telling jewellery is incredibly unique and you won’t see the duplicate on a colleague or a neighbor, but it’s creation requires time…
Which sometimes people simply don’t have…
That’s why we decided to launch a Brilldor brand which will combine our experience, creativity and craftsmanship in a ready-made format.

Brilldor jewellery
is high-end, outstanding quality man-made jewellery created in a very limited series (a few pieces) and some jewellery pieces exist only in one specimen.
We strive to have rare gemstones and exclusive materials while producing our jewellery and hope our assortment will delight you and if you need any support - we are here to help.

In case if you are interested in a custom made, based on your requirements and one-of-a-kind jewellery – we would be happy to welcome you at Splendor work-shop.
Sincerely yours,
Orsi & Daniel
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