Our Design & Awards

Long time ago we were invited to take part in our first competition and since then participation in jewellery design contests became a part of our life.
You may ask why we do it – the answer is simple – it gives us an opportunity to release our creative energy and to challenge ourselves. Jewellery competitions boost our creativity and make our long-cherished dreams come true.

Dubai Jewellery Design Awards 2011, Absolute 1st pize

You can find videos about award winning jewellery pieces HERE.

Moreover while participating in different jewellery contests around the world we meet with high-caliber professionals from jewellery industry and have an opportunity to exchange experience and share ideas for mutual professional enrichment. Just a few examples - through the International Tahitian Pearl Trophy we have gained a deeper understanding of pearls and thus use them very often in our non-competing pieces as well. Similarly we have become close to opals, diamonds and have come up with such novel combinations of form, material and function such as the seashell shaped mobile phone, stingray skin jewellery sandals or precious wood magic stick adorned with diamonds.
Below you may find some pictures of our trophies-wining creations.

Dubai Jewellery Design Awards 2013, a new trophy

You can find videos about award winning jewellery pieces HERE.

We have an inner need to keep creating new jewellery specialties and to develop our skills and test our boundaries through challenges. International jewellery design competitions provide good opportunites for this, and we have won an unprecedented 56 awards thus far. We believe our success lies mainly in our knowledge of a more or less forgotten craft, our multidimentional designs and an aesthetic that is close to the natural tastes of people.It brings us great joy, that due to our success, we are increasingly asked to create special pieces based on specific needs. In such cases we create a large number of designs from which the client can chose the one that is most to her liking, most fits her taste. As a result, we have a great number of ideas and designs that have not yet left the drawing board or come to life. We take inspiration from these when we are creating for our own pleasure.
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