Our Philosophy

Let us introduce ourselves – we are wizards of goldsmithing, who try to capture life in metals and gemstones.
We believe in handmade jewellery made with time and precision. In our work we use only the best materials, i.e. precious metal alloys, diamonds and pearls because they enhance the beauty of the other, helping us to create unique and convivial timeless pieces.
Orsi and Dani, multiple award winning designers and jewellers.
Having studied and worked in the jewellery design field over many years we focus our work on stunning three-dimensional designs. Why do we do it? Because such jewellery is exceptional, very rare and similar to a statue, which unfolds the new appearance from different angle. It is also true that preparation of a three-dimensional design jewellery requires much more time and efforts and a complex vision, but due to this we are able to embed a lot of personal symbols and hidden messages.
We took part in numerous International professional jewellery design competitions and won over 56 awards around the globe with diamond, gemstone, pearl, opal and many more bespoke jewellery pieces.

Dubai jewellery design awards 1st prize interview

Jewellery is our profession and our way of thinking and we create wearable treasures, which are practical and comfortable to wear so the person can enjoy it everyday. We strive to achieve the combination of outstanding quality and unique designs to suit and reflect the individual personalities of the people who wear them.
In our workshop we combine both the cutting-edge 21st century technology and ancient manual goldsmithing techniques. Man-made items that have been put together with time and great craftsmanship show unique details, quality and soul. Our philosophy is to go against the flow of mass production because we prefer to concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

Man made high-end, award winning, design-jewellery creations

As we hand-craft jewellery, we produce small quantities. The process is slow, but each piece becomes unique.
We have a degree from Hungarian Jewellery and Applied Art College so we strive to use the rich art and historical background of Hungarian culture with a modern flavour. Add to this a passion for using only the highest quality gemstones and producing products to exceptional standards and the resulting output becomes as breath-taking as the panorama of Budapest.
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