Our Guarantees

Lifetime surface warranty:

All polished jewellery will accumulate light but visible scratches due to wear. Thus, they need to be well looked after and handled with care. But even with the greatest care the appearance of light damage on the surface of jewellery is inevitable, so we offer a lifetime surface warranty for our jewellery pieces.
This means that we offer to renew the surface of our jewellery pieces once a year giving them the appearance of a new jewellery. The shipping or delivery of the jewellery items is the customer's responsibility.

Personal guarantee, and felxible support
All our jewellery pieces undergo rigorous testing for purity. The fineness or purity of precious metals are graded based on an international convention.
An official body verifies the metals in a laboratory and issues an official confirmation, based on which the hallmarks are stamped into the metal. These hallmarks are used in many countries so they are internationally accepted.
Brilldor Jewellery always keeps to the international assay laws, and does not sell any jewellery pieces or objects that are not correctly hallmarked.
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