Personal Concierge Service

Majority of our customers are very busy people. We do understand and respect it. That’s why for our on-line boutique we decided to offer a personal concierge service for registered Brilldor club members.
What does personal concierge do? Basically everything to support you with buying and taking care of your Brilldor Jewellery.
We know that it may be difficult to decide which jewellery piece is better or your loved one especially if you want to make a surprise or a present. Your concierge will help you to select the right jewellery, stone, engraving and packaging and even the greeting card.

Personal concierge help giving you personal offers

Moreover your concierge will contact you to remind about the recommended maintenance check-up and in case of necessity support you with fitting or repair. Our registered club members will receive special offers invitations and enjoy the discounts.
Become a member of Brilldor club and enjoy benefits of personal care! If you are a registered member and you need support of a personal concierge please leave a note on your personal Brilldor page or make an appointment here. Our colleague will contact you promptly !
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