A jewellery set dresses one up in style! They may feature attractive and colourful gemstones, gorgeous pearls of small and subtle diamonds, but their overall effect is always breathtaking, creating an elegant and stylish look.
Many of the pieces in the Brilldor jewellery set, have their own personality. They are different, but have common characteristics or look: a similarity in design, diamonds or gemstones they are adorned with or their shade of gold. The individual pieces in the set are unique and stand well on their own, but have an incredible effect when worn together.

Many of our clients have started collections by buying a pendant or pair of earrings as a gift for an anniversary, birthday or the birth of a child, and upon seeing the positive response, returned for a matching ring or the missing pieces of a set for the next special occasion. This is a great strategy that is both easy to follow and very personal. As our pieces are not mass produced, it is not likely that one can come back later and easily purchase a matching design, especially if it features a rare gemstone or has a special colour. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase them as a set, or contact us for advice on possible options.

Most sets consist of a pendant, a ring and a pair of earrings. Bracelets, brooches, second rings, larger or smaller earrings, hair pins or other accessories are often also available to complement the set. If you have any questions, or would be interested in alterations or additions to a set you have seen here, please do not hesitate to write to us!

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