World of Brilldor

We simply love designing and creating jewellery. Creative work and art has been a part of our lives since we were children and is something we engage in even outside of work. We have come to notice that we are always on the lookout for challenges and prefer to create jewellery that is like no other. We think in rich, spatial, complex forms which is rather uncommon. Uncommon, because, on one hand, it requires a special ability and, on the other hand, complex forms do not fit the mould of today's world of mass production. However, it is perhaps mostly for this reason, that our distinct jewellery pieces keep winning awards at competitions all around the world.

Orsi and Daniel, multiple jewellery design award winning jewellers, in Dubai

Our clients are mostly discerning professionals with a taste for art and individuality, who seek to surround themselves with real value which is a rare commodity in our time.
We understand that our clients value individual and unique features while remaining perfectly stylish, therefore, we design and create jewellery that embody personal symbols and tell stories in an abstract way.

We have been taking on wonderful challenges and creating beautiful objects for the past decades as Splendor, which, based on feedback, have become personal favourites and hopefully cherished family heirlooms for generations to come.

Unique one-off diamond and emerald necklace for personal demand

However, the design process of such pieces is expensive and time consuming, and has lead to a number of outstanding designs being sidelined, so that equally good ones should come to life. Because, as Splendor, we create personalized pieces for our clients, a great number of designs that we had drawn up for competitions, but have never used because no one had specifically ordered them. As a result, we have accumulated a vast collection of yet unrealized beauty. Now, through setting up Brilldor we can to finally give life to these gorgeous jewellery designs.
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