Delivery & Packaging

Currently we are only able to accept on-line orders to addresses within Europe. In case if you want us to deliver your order outside Europe - please contact us at +36 23 453964 Tuesday to Saturday 09:00 - 18:00 (except public holidays) or via e-mail
Your Brilldor orders may be delivered by Standard or Express Delivery.
We provide a complimentary delivery for orders over ____euro to one address.
Please allow 3 working days for Standard Delivery. Express Delivery orders placed by 2pm Tuesday-Thursday will arrive the next working day.
Items requiring modifications or those on special order may take longer and we will promptly inform you about terms in a separate mail.
We will be happy to verify the status of your order and shipment by phone +36 23 453964 or via e-mail Tuesday to Saturday 09:00 - 18:00 (except public holidays).
 Safe and elegant delivery, with detailed documentation
We provide an elegant gift box and a hand written certificate with all our jewellery items. These certificates also serve as warranties, and we call them passports because we believe that our jewellery creations will become cherished heirlooms for generations to come, and perhaps, in many years time, our clients or their heirs may not remember the specific details of an item. The age of a piece of jewellery becomes significant with time, and also it is good to have information about the special materials we use. Therefore, we provide our clients with detailed documentation about the number, size, quality and rarity of the gemstones, pearls and precious metals and any other material used as well as written instructions and advice on how to take care of jewellery items.