Ballet Earth tie pin



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  • 14k white gold (yellowish white, but rhodium plated)

The tie pin was made from a special palladium and white gold alloy, which, at 14 karat fineness is ideal in terms of colour and resistance to chemical corrosion or tarnish compared to 18 karat white gold.The matt and glossy effect create an interesting surface for the life-like portrayal of the human form.

The Earth symbolizes the feminine pole of the world, the woman, the mother of all living beings. Kindness, subtlety, calmness and lasting strength are among her virtues. Mother Earth or Tellus Matter is both able to give life and take it away. In this tie pin, the strength of femininity, with its persistence, high capacity and endless nurturing care becomes the adornment of men.

63.5 x 14.5 x 5 mm

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