Jewellery buying tips

In this section we tried to collect the most frequently asked questions re jewellery which we receive from our clients. We would like to draw your attention that if you don’t find an answer to your question – please please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be glad to help and navigate you in a wonderful world of precious stones, metals and jewellery pieces.
Ring size

Well, for someone it is not a question at all, but for someone it is a vital question. So that’s why  to every ring available in our shop we display ring size and international size convertion chart. However if you don’t know the size – we are ready to support you. At the same time we want to be transparent with you – it is very difficult to measure the ring discretely at home without professional support and to get the right size. We will explain why and try to give advices how to make the measurement process properly if still you decide not to turn to a professional. Please check the information below and please don’t hesitate to ask us if any question!
  1. Finger size of left hand is different from right hand one. The general rule is if your loved one is right handed than right hand finger size is bigger vs left hand. But it may not be true as well… We are all different.
  2. Measuring an existing ring is the most accurate option; however there are some peculiar properties:
    • Important to mention that bands of approximately 6mm width or more generally require a slightly larger size for most people. Narrower rings allow your skin to move to either side of the band and often leave that tell-tale 'ring mark' on your finger when you take it off.
    • Wide bands don't allow this so much which means there is 'more finger' under the band.
  3. An existing ring should fit the finger, i.e. to be not too loose or not too tight.
  4. Make sure that the ring has a regular and not distorted shape. Why do we mention it? Majority of the mass produced rings are too light and can bend easily, so the ring may be distorted thus the size may be different.
  5. The ring should be measured from both sides.
As you can see there are factors which influence the preciseness of the measurement so we do recommend to turn to a professional for a size evaluation. In case if you can’t contact a professional – below are more tips on how to get the precious size info.
Idea #1 - “Siblings or friends!”
Quite often they do possess this important info, but if not – they can find it out in a more discreet and innocent way than you. As an idea – a sister (or a friend) may suggest a visit to a jewellery store to choose a ring for her own and your bellowed one may be measured and asked about her ring preferences “as well”. This way you may get not only the size but even the information about preferred style as a bonus! In case if you don’t have a good connection to friends or siblings of your beloved one or you want to keep your proposal in secret from them than you may want to try it on your own.
Idea #2 – “Discretely borrow one of her rings”
If you choose this – do it really discretely! Don’t target the very important jewellery category, i.e. the ring she wears daily or emotionally very important piece because if she notices that it is missing… Well you don’t want a catastrophe, don’t you? Second, make sure that the ring is in use, i.e. that she had used it not a long time ago and thus the size is up to date. Important – the ring should be worn on a similarly sized finger. Bring it to a professional to have it measured.
Idea #3 - “Sketch it!”
This option doesn’t give 100% accuracy but you may want to try it…
  1. Take a ring which she wears on a similarly sized finger
  2. Place it a piece of paper
  3. Draw several circles both inside and outside the ring.
  4. Send us the sketch!
Idea #4 - “Ask you loved one!”
It may sound crazy but we had quite a number of clients who came together to choose the engagement ring. There are people who prefer the direct approach and who want to make sure that even their engagement ring should be up to their standards and match their dreams 100%.

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Orsolya Raski, multiple international award winning jewellery designer and creator
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