Our Way of Work - Ask your jeweller - Finger Size

Ring resizing:
Our personal experience indicates that most people wear rings that are too big for them. Many are concerned that a tighter fitting ring may be difficult to remove if fingers get swollen, so they opt to wear rings that are easier to take off. Also, as many jewellery shops do not have workshops on their premises where rings can be resized, staff recommend that customers chose the larger ring size. But unfortunately, a surprising number of rings slip off the wearers' fingers. Some environments and circumstances are more likely to cause rings to slips off such as prolonged contact with water, cold weather, intensive physical activity. Many clients come to us saying they want to replace the ring that they had lost. So we recommend that clients chose a tighter fit. The reasons for this are as follows:
- it is easier to resize a ring from a smaller to a larger size.
- it is only at the joints of the finger that rings become tight, but even jewellery that is tight or difficult to slip on at the joints of the finger are comfortable when being worn. There are no rings that can follow the changes in weather and temperature, so it is advisable to chose a size that is comfortable to wear in all circumstances and temperatures, one that is a bit tighter during the summer months and a bit more lose in winter. And it is good to remember that if the fit is not right, it can be resized.
- a ring that can be slipped on can also be removed. The only difference between putting a ring on and taking it off is that when one is pulling a ring off, the access skin becomes compressed and pushed towards the tip of the finger, and the ring has to be pulled over a temporarily enlarged finger joint. However, this phenomenon does not prevent rings from slipping off in water, wet or cold weather when the size of the finger shrinks.
Ring sizing:
We try to make Brilldor rings in average ring sizes, but are we are well aware that each client is different and we strive to be flexible to our clients and customer's needs. It is important to point out that the sizes listed on the boutique website can be adjusted, so the wrong size should not dissuade you from purchasing a ring!!! Our clients come from all over the world and live under various different climates. Wider rings stay on the finger more easily, while narrow rings have more movement and are easier to remove. Nearly all Brilldor rimgs are designed with a rounded interior as opposed to the flat interior of the average mass produced ring, making them more comfortable and slightly more roomy even with the correct ring size. It is advisable to take this into account when choosing a ring.
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