Ballet Fire brooch



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  • 14k rose (rosé) gold;
  • free form, fancy cut pyrope garnet 2.2 ct;
  • briliant cut diamonds cognac color, VSI diamonds 0.263 ct.

The pendant was crafted from fashionable rose (rosé) gold, an alloy which has a somewhat pinkish hew due to the significant amount of copper it contains. We have chosen to craft it from 14 karat gold as the colour is most intensive at 14 karat fineness. This pendant features a unique fantasy cut pyrope garnet from Africa and high quality, delicate Cognac coloured brilliant cut diamond accents. The rose gold adds warmth and luxury to this sparkling show-stopper.

As with all our Ballet jewellery, the shape of this pendant was inspired by the movement of ballet dancers. A number of years ago we had the unique opportunity of collaborating with renowned Szeged Contemporary Ballet Company.

The Choreographer, Tamás Juronics, created a choreography inspired by the shapes of our jewellery designs. The dancers performed the birth of a diamond through the four elements. Taking inspiration from the dancers' interpretation and breathtaking movements, we in turn designed five jewellery collections based around the four elements and the diamond. In this narrative, Fire represents wild flaming energy. It is an unpredictable, pulsating wonder that can separate and reunite. 

15.75 x 67 x 9.5 mm

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