Bud ring



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  • 18k white gold (yellowish white)
  • 11.5 mm round shaped Tahitian (saltwater) pearl AAA quality (guaranteed untreated, natural, fancy peacock) 

This ring features a relatively large Tahitian Pearl. One of the lasts of natural, untreated ones, which will soon disappear. The dark green pearl has pinkish, purplish color spots (peacock, fancy pearl).

The surface of the ring is sparkling thanks to the special surface treatment. We hit the shiny gold surface with a piece of diamond, making it rugged, but still sparkling.

Because all surfaces of the ring would suffer hits by daily usage, no surface finish last for ever. This is why we offer for life-long surface guarantee. We can refresh it any time.

This ring symbolizes spring, re-birth, magic period when plants grow buds, offering a new life...

20.5 x 30.5 x 12.5 mm;
Finger size: 51


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