Chain, Snake

These chains are made of 14 k gold, which guarantees their long term durability. Please contact us if you would like to purchase 18 k chains. The tight-linked, cord-like snake chain is very popular due to its silky smooth appearance. It allows the pendant to take centre stage and goes well just about everything.

Its disadvantage is that it is semi-rigid, thus can only be slightly bent. Kinks might appear in extreme situations (if worn while sleeping or if it gets caught in something), which will not result in the chain tearing, but will show on the chain and cannot be fixed.
Stronger (i.e. wider) chains are better able to withstand wear and tear. The weight of the pendant is also an important factor when choosing the right chain.

Compared to a "wheat chain", a snake chain is more slick and cord like, but also more rigid and sensitive.

In terms of length, 40 cm long chains are perfect for long slender necks. 45 cm long chains are ideal for slender or even average sized necks, but a 50 cm chain on an average neck is even better and allows the pendant to fall a bit lower. We also offer 55-60 cm and even 70 cm chains upon request. Please contact us HERE if you are interested in ordering one of the longer chains.

In terms of width, chains that are 1.3mm in width are durable with very small pendants, but a 1.7 mm width is more ideal for small and medium sized pendants. We would suggest wearing larger pendants on 2.1 mm chains. These sizes refer to the width of the chain itself as the ends or locks of the chain are wider.

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