Fleur de Lis earrings



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  • 18k white gold (special, palladium content);
  • brilliant cut diamonds (E, VVSI, EX/EX) 0.12 ct

These stud earrings were made from a special palladium and white gold alloy, which, at 18 karat fineness is ideal in terms of colour and resistance to wear and tear or tarnish compared to traditional 18 karat white gold.

The earrings feature delicate, premium quality, brilliant cut diamonds.

The "Fleur de Lis" earrings are distinguished by its individual design, the lower curve follows the shape of earlobes and climbs up on the ear. This is unique and rare solution, which makes the earrings look special. Thanks to this effect these earrings are very comfortable, and look so organic, like an essential part of of the ear, perfectly matched to its wearer. However all people have different sized and shaped ears, so these unique earrings might look differently.

These earrings were inspired by a pattern seen on an old baroque wall tapestry in an ancient castle. It encompasses noble elegance, detailed handmade craft-work and precisely refined ornaments...

11 x 18 x 11.5 mm


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