Katana tie pin



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  • Damascus (stainless) steel;
  • 14k rose (rosé) gold. 

Katana collection (ring, pendant, cufflinks and a tie pin) was crafted from a special material called Damascus steel. This is an exceptionally durable yet bendable metal that is created by the welding together of several different types of iron slices to form a billet and folding them a great number of times. Harder metals are less sensitive to the acid and therefore remain dark while the softer metals become lighter. This results in a unique pattern that we have supplemented with 14 k red gold.

Before and during to forging of a sword, a blade-smith would purify himself though purification rites which included fasting, bathing only outside in clean water and sexual abstinence. He marked his work area with a special rope, and women were not allowed near him.This sacred and strenuous process required incredible strength and dedication... 

65 x 8.5 x 5.8 mm


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