River wedding bands


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  • 18k white gold (palladium content, special, rare material);
  • brilliant cut blue diamonds
  • hammered surface

This pair of wedding rings looks very unique thanks to the gemstones, proportions and shapes of timeless beauty. Moreover the rings are very comfortable.

The rings shown here are mostly for your inspiration! The width can be wider, surface finish, colors and gemstone type, shape, size can be changed according to your personal needs and ideas, to make it bespoke, one-of-a-kind wedding jewellery!

The sample picture shows pair of 18 karat white gold palladium and yellow gold rings. The surface of the yellow part is hammered, which makes the surface more durable and  interesting.

The row of brilliant cut blue diamonds increases and decreases in width, ceatic a dynamic effect and symbolising life. . 

These light blue diamonds are truly rare and they offer shocking sparkle, color and extreme hardness. This is really unique type of stone, but it is still affordable due to its size. While blue sapphires and other blue gemstones also have beautiful color, they lack such a sparkling brilliance. 

The shape of these rings is the most comfortable - rounded from both inside and outside.

Unfortunately any material and any surface can get scratched and worn, but shiny surfaces are particularly vulnerable to visible scratches, causing the surface to lose some of its sparkle.This is why we offer an unlimited surface guarantee, which means that the offer to renew and restore the original shine of the item. 

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