How It's Made, The Flirt Jewellery Set

We love our profession. We are always looking for challenges. We welcome all the crazy wishes and uncommon ideas as well as simple, daily orders, when we are able to design and create something unique, something beautiful, something personal.
Flirt Jewellery Set
We often buy outstanding and fancy gem stones which start flowing our new ideas. This is why we are always full of unfinished plans, semi-ready designs and jewellery. This is why we take part international jewellery trophies full with passion. We have many fresh ideas to complete.
Akoya pearl and diamond decorated bracelet, ring, earrings, and necklace.
This time we decided to show you the full story our way of work. We recorded the steps of the full process, like: negotiating with customer, sketching by hand, refining it by computer, designing in 3d, printing the shape of jewellery pieces to see in real, then rolling and pulling the wires and plates exactly the same ancient way like in the medieval times.
You can see, how we bend the metal, file and polish the parts from rough to refined pieces, soldering, welding together, making the tiny parts under microscope by hand, as long as the final jewellery come alive.
This time we made a short movie about the full design and creation process, including the miniaturized art, the stone setting. Under microscope, we engrave and sculpt the little details smaller than 0,3mm, making metal parts look like a gem stone.
Design process of an unique bespoke jewellery set.
We show you, how we design something wonderful turning rough materials to be a piece of art. How we make high-end jewellery by hand, which is not just a mass produced piece of gold, but a not repeatable one-off jewellery. How we create valuables that last, for pride of generations, hoping that it can turn to be a family heirloom.
Finally we show you, how we try to save the memory, the pleasure of working with these beauties, capturing photographs and footages, because we know that we sell them one day, and we might never meet again. These jewellery pieces are our children, and even the customer pay their price, it is a painful goodbye.
If you are interested in the creation process, the underlying ideas, and many more in detail, you can find blog posts HERE !
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