Flirt set - 01

Flirt set - 01

October 11, 2018

The end of year is quickly approaching, with a great number of celebrations and events scheduled. Christmas, New Years Eve and various parties as well as important exhibitions, balls and other functions.

As so many large and substantial pieces have been bought this year, we decided to create another new and exciting jewellery set to close the year in style. We are constantly creating smaller pieces but we want to design and create a jewellery set for our showcase and to put on our models that pushes the limits of every day jewellery. This is why we have decided to make this necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring and share the design and creation process with you.

Flirt akoya pearl and diamond set


One of the most exciting, yet invisible, parts of evening functions in the preparation of the design stage. The scents, emotions, tension, sexuality, elegance and style. These are the words that circle around in our minds when we imagine how ladies and gentlemen meet at the event, and how for some the flow of the champagne will be complemented by a flow of emotions. The couples will make subtle hints, take gentle steps towards each other. Their clothes, perfume and hairstyle as well as their jewellery will express their personality, taste and much more.

These were the ideas that guided the design process, and we have decided early on to call the white gold, akoya pearl necklace, bracelet, ring and earring set FLIRT.


We have white a few pearl and diamond pieces. A great proportion of these are adorned with Tahitian pearls, including rows of pearls, pendants, rings, bracelets, jewellery sets, but there are far fewer classically elegant white pearl jewellery pieces or rows of pearls. Especially significant ones. Therefore, this became our guide. We decided to stay with elegant white gold, which, with its outstanding strength and flexibility, allowed us to design a light, ethereal piece. We imagined a delicate, almost airborne necklace decorated with vine motifs and brilliant cut diamonds and pearls. The necklace was the basis of the ring, braclet and earring designs.
From the sketches, we selected the direction we most liked, drew it on computer and refined the arches, the dynamic lines of the design to find the final rhythm and harmony of the shape. We tried to incorporate the original inspiration into the plans. We imagined the airborne lines of invisible fragrances as we were drawing the necklace.
When we were finished with the digital remastering of the sketches, we started on the 3D design. This stage greatly facilitates the refining of the spatial richness and controlling of the shape: planning the size of the pearls, the links, the clasp, customising the arc of the necklace and drawing attention to any underlying issues. Therefore this stage covered several steps in the design process. Although it was time consuming, we were happy to invest our time and energy as we believed that something extraordinary would be born from our efforts.
The "How it is made" video is ready. If you are interested in, please follow

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Flirt set - 02
Flirt set - 02

December 17, 2018

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Christmas is coming...

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