Breeze necklace


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  • 18k white gold (traditional yellowish, but pure white with rhodium);
  • 15 mm Tahitian (saltwater) pearls AAA quality (guaranteed untreated, natural, fancy peacock).

This necklace is made of outstandingly hard, traditional 18 karat white gold. We selected this material to be able to make the necklace very thin, aerial, but still flexible and durable.

This material has a somewhat yellowish tone, so we have plated it in a platinum metal called rhodium to increase its whiteness. This galvanized coating on necklace is quite durable and will not rub of through normal wear.

The necklace features organic gem of the ocean, the rightfully famous Tahitian pearl, which is not only known for its larger than average size but also for its incredible range of colours and outstanding qualities.

It is important to know that there are less and less good quality Tahitian pearls around the globe, because of climate change and pollution. Most of the pearls are treated (dyed, peeled, etc.) but we proud to work with real treasures - untreated Tahitian pearls of extreme quality.  

It is so sad that we cannot see the scent, as it drifts and spread away in air. It must be beautiful...

This necklace reflects our vision, about the breeze, and the smell mixed with it.

120 x 120 x 80 mm;
Length: 55 cm


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