Surf necklace and pearl row



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  • 14k white gold (traditional yellowish);
  • Tahitian (saltwater) pearls, round shape AAA quality (guaranteed untreated, natural, fancy peacock): 4 pcs (9 to 10,5 mm);
  • Tahitian (saltwater) pearl, semi-baroque (guaranteed untreated, natural, fancy peacock): 1 pcs 11.5 mm;
  • Tahitian (saltwater) pearls, baroque, circled (guaranteed untreated, natural, fancy peacock) 20 pcs 11 mm.

This (choker) necklace is made of outstandingly hard, traditional 14 karat white gold. This material has a somewhat yellowish tone. We like this color, but it is possible to plate it with rhodium. Rhodium is one of the six platinum metals, that gives a jewellery pure white color. This galvanized coating is quite durable and will not rub of through normal wear.

The necklace features organic gems of the ocean, the rightfully famous Tahitian pearls, which are not only known for its larger than average size but also for its incredible range of colours and outstanding qualities. Circled baroque ones are less expensive, but it matches to the original idea of the design.

The necklace shown here are mostly for your inspiration! The material, dimensions, pearls, length, lock system and surface finish can be altered based on your personal needs and ideas, to make it bespoke, one-of-a-kind jewellery!

The idea behind design of this necklace was a modern vision of a pearl row. Later it brought us an award in the most famous and popular International jewellery design competition of the 2000's.

The Tahitian Pearl Trophy featured outstandingly high grade design and quality jewellery from more than hundred different countries of the world. Sometime this competition is called "Olympic Games of Jewellers" and we got our medal there...

The inspiration was the changing shapes of surf of waves. We are often inspired by beautiful and mighty forces of nature. Pearls, ocean and waves... A dreamy substance, which is always changing, gives life, and death. It surround us, helps us and counters us... Secret keeper of millions of years...

150 x 150 x 80 mm;
Length: 45 cm.


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