Bespoke Diamond Jewellery

Bespoke Diamond JewelleryThe Brilldor - Jewelry pages offer a great number of unique diamond jewelry pieces. Diamonds are outstanding in all of their characteristics. It is the  hardest material in the world, as well as being superior in brilliance to other gemstones (sapphires, rubies, emeralds, turmaline, aquamarine, opal, garnet, spinell, topaz, quartz, etc.).  Even natural zircon, which is outstanding in its brilliance compared to other coloured gemstone and is the basis of cubic zirconia, is lightyears away away from the brilliance of a true diamond. This is why Orsi and Dani use diamonds to adorn many of their bespoke jewellery creations.

A great number of the bespoke jewelry pieces created by the duo feature large diamonds as central stone, such as bespoke designer diamond engagement rings, bespoke designer diamond rings, bespoke jewellery sets, but there are also a great number of diamond jewellery, where diamonds are not the main feature of the pieces.

Orsi an d Dani design and create bespoke jewelry specialties, the rich spacial designs of their pieces are rare even within the world of fine jewellery making. The sculpturesque and often intricate designs are inspired by the curving organic forms found in nature. These shapes can be beautifully accented by rows of subtle diamonds. In other words, rows of smaller diamonds are often used to decorate and highlight the gorgeous form of their bespoke jewelry creations. The contrast between the shiny precious metal (gold or platinum) and sparkling diamond surfaces creates a breathtaking effect and highlights the beauty and harmony of these exceptionally elegant, bespoke jewellery pieces.

Bespoke Diamond Jewellery - Unique, bespoke, design high-end jewel creations with diamond, pearl, colored gem stone by multiple award winning Jewellery designers.Rows of small diamonds are generously applied to Brilldor Jewellery creations. It is very often used to accent the sparkle of brilliant cut, princess cut, oval cut, pear cut, marquise cut radiant cut, emerald cut, asscher or trillion cut diamonds in bespoke jewellery creations, to create a breathtaking effect. In other cases it is used together with coloured gemstones or jewels ( sapphire, ruby, emerald, opal, tanzanite, pearl, topaz, tourmaline, aquamarine, garnet ect.) where the subtle diamonds surround and accent the stones in beautiful unique jewellery pieces. Brilldor Jewellery also offers jewellery pieces that do not feature a large coloured gemstone or diamond because the intricate design of the items are spectacular in themselves and do not require a central stone. Orsi and Dani often use rows of smaller diamonds in these designs to decorate and add subtle elegance and shine, thereby creating discreetly elegant diamond jewellery items.

In some bespoke jewellery pieces a cluster of small diamonds is applied to substitute a larger diamond. It has the same mesmerising, sparkly effect, at a fraction of the cost. Bespoke diamond jewellery can be constructed out of white precious metals. The world's most outstanding jewellery items are made from platinum, but white gold is also a very good choice for bespoke diamond jewellery creations. An interesting alternative to white metal bespoke diamond jewellery is rose gold bespoke diamond jewellery or even yellow gold bespoke diamond jewellery. The different colours can also be combined to create an interesting effect.

In Orsi and Dani's opinion that the most special jewellery creations are coloured diamond bespoke jewellry items. These coloured diamond jewellery pieces can be adorned by small diamonds too, and there are many other creative options to choose from, but it is best to discuss these options personally with the 56 time design award winning jewellery designers. Send an email and they can design your own completely personalized bespoke jewellery specialities to fit your needs and live up to your dreams!

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