Bespoke Platinum Jewellery

Bespoke Platinum JewelleryOne of Brilldor-Jewellery's most important considerations when creating jewellery pieces is the quality of gold, platinum, gemstones and diamonds to ensure that their items are durable, long lasting and of utmost quality. This is why so many of Orsi and Dani's pieces are bespoke platinum jewellery creations. Dazzlingly white in colour, platinum is an outstandingly durable precious metal, that does not wear easily and setting diamonds, gemstones or pearls in platinum is very secure as well. Moreover, platinum is not a material usually used in mass production, thus, most platinum jewellery is unique, bespoke platinum jewellery.

The jewellery pieces on the Brilldor Jewellery website are either one-off or small, limited series creations. However, each of the platinum items are unique and one-off. Although platinum jewellery is not the best in every respect, but it is the precious metal that perhaps carries the most number of positive characteristics. Unfortunately, platinum is soft, which makes it vulnerable to scratches. Despite this, platinum is still highly durable. This is why platinum is used to create a lot of pieces for significant events and celebrations. Platinum wedding bands, platinum engagement rings and platinum rings for anniversaries, birthdays and other significant events are durable, long-lasting high quality jewellery items and make perfect gifts. Platinum jewellery for weddings is a popular choice given the incredible durability of platinum. Platinum is also ideal for crafting diamond, gemstone or pearl platinum jewelry pieces, such as platinum necklaces or platinum chains which are much more durable compared to gold chains. A great choice for bespoke platinum jewellery is platinum bracelets, as jewellery worn around the wrist is prone to a lot of damage and wear and tear, which platinum is less susceptible to.

Bespoke Platinum Jewellery - Unique, bespoke, design high-end jewel creations with diamond, pearl, colored gem stone by multiple award winning Jewellery designers.Pt 950 platinum jewellery is softer than white gold jewellery. This is why it is important that unique platinum jewellery should not be too thin. Despite the beauty of delicate, ethereal shapes and the attractiveness of lower prices, it is preferable to create more robust pieces or a multitude of delicate lines for the sake of durability and long lasting beauty. All of Orsi and Dani's platinum jewellery designs found on the Brilldor Jewellery website are extremely durable and outstandingly high quality, if possible they are even more durable and long lasting then the gold jewellery items. There are only a few unique platinum jewellery creations on the Brilldor webpage, but any of the pieces, be they diamond engagement rings or gemstone designer jewellery, can be crafted from platinum. Just send a message to Orsi and Dani and they will contact you with a reply about personalized details and bespoke options based on your individual needs. They are happy to design your own completely personalized bespoke jewellery specialities to fit your needs and live up to your dreams!

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