Bespoke Engagement Ring

Bespoke Engagement RingWhile Brilldor-Jewellery mainly sells unique or small series ready-made jewelry pieces they are happy to cater to individual needs. Orsi and Dani's jewellery for weddings, proposals and engagements is always unique and exciting as they believe that it is important to offer a wide range of options to chose from when it comes to wedding and engagement jewelry. So apart from the ready-made fine design jewellery on offer, clients should be able to chose from unique engagement and wedding jewellery. The Brilldor website offers a wide range of engagement rings to browse through and chose from. There are a great number of diamond rings, gemstone rings and highly designed pearl rings. While these beautiful gold and platinum rings are available to be purchased right away, they may also serve as inspiration for individual, bespoke pieces. The ready-made rings can be resized to a certain point, but the designs can also be adapted, crafted from rose gold, white gold, yellow gold or a combination of various materials.

The gemstones and their settings can also be changed as can the size and shape of the diamonds. There is an unlimited number of possibilities when one orders a truly individualized, unique, bespoke engagement ring.

More ring options or design ideas can be discussed over the phone of via email.

Bespoke engagement ring - Unique, bespoke, design high-end jewel creations with diamond, pearl, colored gem stone by multiple award winning Jewellery designers.Often, even a small alteration, such as some engraved ornamentation or a diamond accent can create a completely unique and individual look. The shape and size of precious gemstones can also make a great deal of difference in terms of individuality. The different cuts and shapes of gemstones can play a large role in making a ring unique. Apart from the size of the gemstones or use of precious metals, the size and quantity of the smaller diamonds used to adorn pieces, or the special solutions used can greatly influence the price and value of jewellery items. These characteristics can be chosen to fit individual needs as well. Clients are welcome to bring their own ideas, photos and drafts as a starting point of the design process. This all will ensure that the commissioned jewellery item will be exactly what the customer is looking for. In terms of outer aesthetics, size, ring size, gemstones and price.

Bespoke engagement rings can also be made to carry personal symbolism, such as family, children, names, dates, personal symbolism, shared important life events, nicknames, partners' shared symbolism or any other message that may be significant. In this way, the ring is not only signifies the event of the engagement but an exceptional, one-of-a kind work of art that tells a story and symbolizes true love and unity.

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