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Unique Jewel WebshopThe Brilldor online showroom is a Unique Jewellery Webshop, where designer jewellery specialities, international design award-winning jewellery items are sold. Orsi and Dani are primarily bespoke jewellery designers who create custom-made pieces that tell personal stories and hide personal symbols. In many cases they design and create jewellery pieces (ring, wedding ring, ring ring, pearl ring, design ring, cocktail ring, earring, pendant, necklace, brooch, men's jewelry, bracelet) for jewellery design competitions or based on entirely their own ideas. This Unique Jewellery Webshop was set up to showcase end sell these special designs.

The various jewellery items offered on the site are crafted from the very finest materials, such as platinum, white gold, red (rose) gold or sometimes silver. Items crafted from special, rare gold alloys are also available on the Unique Jewellery Webshop. A hypo-allergenic, pure white gold palladium alloy that is ideal for crafting secure settings for gemstones (sapphire, ruby, emerald, tanzanite, tourmaline, aquamarine, topaz, garnet, opal, citrine, amethyst) and delicate diamond accents. Through the Unique Jewellery Webshop, Orsi and Dani offer unusually cut gemstones, which are rarely found in mass produced jewellery, fancy cuts, such s trillion cut, triangle cut, marquise cut gemstones, free shape and carved gemstones.

The Unique Jewellery Webshop also sells briolette cut gemstones, pear or drop cut, chestnut cut, pillow cut and of course various round gemstones. Cabochons are also quite popular with the designers. They do not often use the faceted oval shape, but are happy to use these when personally commissioned for bespoke jewelry pieces, as there is no such thing as impossible! Square shaped gemstones are quite rare, but Orsi and Dani love working with them. Princess cut diamonds are among their favourite jewels and a number of princess cut diamond engagement rings and other jewelry pieces can be found in the Unique Jewellery Webshop website.

Orsi and Dani's are defined by interesting shapes, their individual Art Nouveau-esque style and ageless beauty. Thus, their pieces, including those offered on the Unique Jewellery Webshop, do not follow current trends and fashions but rather are timeless pieces that can be characterised by long lasting style and exceptional quality, which will become cherished heirlooms for generations to come.

Unique Jewel Webshop - Unique, bespoke, design high-end jewel creations with diamond, pearl, colored gem stone by multiple award winning Jewellery designers.There are wedding jewellery, such as engagement rings, wedding bands, wedding jewelry sets and wedding collections. They enjoy creating jewellery that celebrate significant life events, such as the birth of a child. Anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's day and other special holidays are a perfect time to buy long-lasting, high quality fine designer jewellery for loved ones. Sometimes customers need jewelry for a gala or other formal/red carpet event that matches the colour or shape of a dress. There are a great number of formal jewellery creations available to buy on the Unique Jewellery Webshop. Orsi and Dani have designed and created jewellery for the opera, formals, parties, galas, balls, proms, banquettes, award ceremonies and red carpet events for both female and male clients.

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