Custom Made Jewellery

Custom Made JewelleryOrsi and Dani have been creating personalized, bespoke, one-off, custom-made jewellery specialities for over 20 years. Although the vast majority of gold and platinum jewellery is being mass produced today, Orsi and Dani chose to go against the tide and create exclusive, unique, hand-crafted jewellery pieces, thus combining the traditional know-how of the goldsmith craft with state of the art, high-tech technologies.

Both their traditional jewelry such as diamond engagement rings or rings adorned with coloured gemstones (sapphire, emerald, ruby, tanzanite) and their highly designed modern fashion pieces represent exceptionally high quality. Although today, jewellery design and production have become separate industries, Orsi and Dani practice both. They have great insight into the complete process. They understand the characteristics of gold, platinum and silver in terms of comfort, allergenic qualities, durability and the importance of secure gemstone settings to ensure they keep their beauty and become cherished heirlooms for generations to come. They position the pearls (be they clear water pearls, salt water pearls or Tahitian pearls) or other sensitive gemstones (opal, emerald, tanzanite, topaz, aquamarine or fancy cut gemstones) in a way to ensure that they are not easily damaged, but kept safe for future generations. Thus, any of their creations, be they custom-made jewelry, engagement rings, or jewellery commissioned for a special event such as an anniversary, birthday present or the birth of a child, will become cherished heirlooms.

Orsi and Dani offer the rich spatial designs of fashion jewellery in outstandingly high quality, using the best quality of precious metals, diamonds, coloured gemstones and pearls.

Custom Made Jewellery - Unique, bespoke, design high-end jewelryOne-off custom-made jewellery pieces are crafted from the highest quality of materials. Exceptionally high quality diamonds, untreated pearls, rare gemstones. As well as working with 18k (750 decimal fineness) yellow and white gold, they often work with 14k (585 decimal fineness) rose gold which is very popular now, or a 14k white gold-palladium (platinum metal) alloy which is an outstanding material for custom-made jewellery. They also often use a very exclusive platinum material that is 950 decimal in fineness (Pt) which is very durable and the perfect choice for long lasting custom-made jewelry such as wedding bands, engagement rings or bracelets.

Orsi and Dani design custom-made pieces in collaboration with the the individual customer. They keep the client's personality, style, favourite colour, favourite gemstone, favourite number, special nicknames, individual needs and defining life events in mind when designing individualized, custom-made pieces. These unique, custom-made pieces are very special. Clients, and indeed the creators, are often surprised at the perfect results!

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