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Design JewelleryThe pages of the Brilldor-Jewellery website are filled with a variety of fine designer jewellery pieces. The quality of the precious metals (gold platinum, silver) and the precious stones (diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, pearl, opal, tanzanite, aquamarine, topaz, tourmaline, garnet) are of the best quality in the world. Fine Designer jewellery, as opposed to fashion jewellery, means jewelry that is made of precious metals and high quality gemstones. What sets Brilldor Jewellery pieces apart from the other precious metal objects available around the world is their modern, contemporary design and that they are not mass-produced but rather, crafted in a small family run workshop by dedicated and highly trained professional goldsmiths. Brilldor's fine  designer jewelry items are individually designed and hand crafted using a combination of traditional goldsmith methods and state-of-the-art, high-tech technology.

Orsi and Dani, the multiple award-winning jewellery designers and goldsmiths behind Brilldor and Splendor Jewellery have been creating personalized, bespoke, one-off, custom-made jewellery specialities for over 20 years. Their fine design jewellery have won them a total of 56 awards, which is an exceptionally high number, even on an international level. Due to this worldwide success, Orsi and Dani have a large international clientèle. Their customers  are characteristically discerning professionals who appreciate art and the finer things in life. Several of their clients are famous or members of aristocratic families, CEOs and/ or art collectors. Since many of their design jewelry pieces are bespoke, custom-made creations, they is a lot of variety. They design and craft many traditional pieces, such as classic engagement rings, diamond rings, earrings, pendants, boches, wedding jewelry, wedding bands as well as a great number of completely unique and one-off bespoke designs commissioned for birthdays, anniversaries or the birth of a child.

Design Jewellery - Unique, bespoke, design high-end jewel creations with diamond, pearl, color gem stone by multiple award winning Jewellery designers.As well as creating traditional jewellery pieces, Orsi and Dani have a very strong, unique and recognisable aesthetic which is characterised by rich spatial designs. Their bespoke design jewelry is created in collaboration with clients in terms of shape and hidden symbolism. This ensures that the bespoke designs are not only comfortable, durable, and truly precious heirlooms for generations to come, but are also individualised objects that tell stories and therefore become personal favourites. These pieces are very precious and are sure to be cherished by future generations. So, the contemporary, fine designer jewellery of today will become a stylish traditional piece in the future.

The exclusive, individualized services offered by Splendor-Jewellery are more expensive, as the pieces thus commissioned take longer to make and require a personal collaboration with clients. At Brilldor, Orsi and Dani offer ready-made fine design jewellery which can be purchased right away and at a lower price. Brilldor offers a wide variety of pearl jewelry, diamond jewellery, coloured gemstone jewelry, pendants, earrings, fine jewellery sets, bracelets, necklaces, male jewellery, broches and many other jewelry specialities that make ideal gifts for engagements, weddings, various holidays or just for oneself. The completed designs can also be used for inspiration, and can be altered and made-for-measure: For example, platinum, white or rose gold instead of yellow gold, a sapphire instead of a diamond, a matt rather than a glossy finish or vice versa! All you need to do is write to us and our designers will respond swiftly to discuss options.

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